06/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

9 Toxin Free Baby Bottles

Plastic baby bottles have received extra attention recently as research came to light showing many popular models leach Bisphenol-A (BPA), a suspected endocrine disruptor. The plastic of concern, polycarbonate (plastic #7), is used by several manufacturers, but there are safe alternatives. Glass, polypropylene (PP or plastic #5), and other materials are easily found on the market.

Adiri, run by three moms in the Bay Area, makes the Adiri Natural Nurser, a cylindrical bottle with a breast-shaped top which won the Medical Design Excellence Award for 2008. The polypropylene plastic (#5) bottles are BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free.

Born Free makes glass bottles, which are safe for babies. Born Free also makes plastic bottles that are free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

A husband and wife team started Green to Grow after facing toxic concerns with their own new baby. The company makes bottles from a BPA-free resin called polyethersulfone (PES), and considers the environment in other ways at the company, including using only 100% recycled paper and soy inks in packaging, and donating 1% of annual sales to environmental causes.

Evenflo manufactures a glass bottle line, and polypropylene, BPA-free plastic breastmilk storage bottles too.

Dr. Brown's, a line of bottles and bottle accessories from Handi-Craft, makes glass bottles (pictured) and polypropylene bottles, which are BPA-free. The company also makes a polycarbonate bottle, which is the material of concern regarding BPA, so if you're opting for plastic, be sure to check the number.

The Playtex Drop-Ins nurser system consists of a polyethylene (plastic #1) bottle and disposable insert. The bottle and liner are BPA-free, and the company has pledged to phase out the use of BPA in other products by the end of the year.

Medela feeding and breastmilk storage bottles are BPA-free. The bottles of made are polypropylene.

Lansinoh breastmilk storage bottles are made of polypropylene plastic (#5), which is BPA-free.

Nurture Pure manufactures glass bottles, which are a safe alternative. The company will soon be launching some new products, including a silicone ring that prevents bottle breakage