Sexy Sports Car Is Also Green

06/18/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

They keep getting better and better! Here's another killer eco-friendly sports car. While this is still a concept, Hybrid Technologies has some pretty bold aspirations aiming to have a working prototype by this September and be on the market by lat 2009, early 2010. They plan to produce two models of this beauty, an all electric that will have a range of 150-180 miles, and a plug-in hybrid model that they are entering into the Progressive Automotive X-prize competition and will boast a 220 mile per gallon efficiency! The details on the specs of this Green super-car are scant. Popular Mechanics interviewed one of the engineers working on the project, Ron Cervan. When asked if this car would be able to match the Corvette ZR-1's performance (638 Horses), Cervan laughed and told them they are "way out of the ballpark--it's gonna be wild."

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