Michelle Obama 2.0: Obama Camp To Reintroduce Candidate's Wife On The View

06/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Jake Tapper ABC's Political Radar

Michelle Obama is getting laughs at the Oakleaf Village of Columbus retirement home in Ohio as she talks about her mother, "an active 70-year-old who does yoga," who treats her granddaughters Sasha and Malia -- the daughters of Michelle and Sen. Barack Obama -- "like queens," letting them eat ice cream and jump on the sofa.

As the general election kicks into gear, the Obama campaign wants Americans to instead meet the woman whom friends describe as clever and warm, who will pull up a sixth chair on "The View" next Wednesday to chat about "hot topics" and interview actor Matthew Broderick. (Michelle Obama has been studying up on Broderick and his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, to prepare.) She's been leading a number of public forums with military wives, which campaign aides say she finds rewarding and her husband sometimes refers to on the stump.

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