25 Hottest Girls in Green

06/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We had a great time bringing you the Top 25 Hottest Girls in Green last week. We didn't want to overwhelm our readers with their hotness all at once so we broke it into five, five girl installations. Now that you've had a chance to acclimatize your system (25-21, 16-20, 11-15, 6-10, 1-5) to so much green hotness, we decided to throw them all together on one place for your viewing and social bookmarking pleasure. Enjoy!

#1. Summer Rayne Oakes

As you might gather, Summer's a model. She's also a National Wildlife Federation fellow, a Treehugger contributor, host/contributor/expert/board member for the Discovery Channel's Planet Green, Udall scholar, and holds an entomology degree from Cornell.

#2. Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia lived in a 180-foot tall, 600-year old redwood tree (Luna) for over two years, from December 10th, 1997, to December 18th, 1999, in order to prevent it from being cut down by the Pacific Lumber Company-a successful endeavor that secured several acres of buffer around Luna in a settlement.
#3. Rachel McAdams

The Mean Girls and Wedding Crashers star permanently endeared herself to environmental activists last year when she and two friends launched Green is Sexy, a green blog that's utterly without pretension, or even the acknowledgment that one of the writers is best known for being pushed into a bus by LaLohan.
#4. Hayden Panettierre

Hayden has taken on the role of spokeswoman for "Save The Whales Again," an organization aiming to consolidate and expand upon the gains in conservation made since the 1970s. She's more than just a pretty face, appearing in press conferences with Sen. John Kerry, facing crowds in Q&As for over an hour, and even selling her own clothes for a fundraiser.

#5. Olivia Zaleski

Olivia Zaleski is a freelance writer in New York, and has been involved with Huffington Post (where she has played an integral role in the launch of HuffPo Green), Eco-Chick, Treehugger, and The Daily Green. She's lately started to break into the mainstream media with video work for Good Morning America. Like many of our honorees, she also has a background in design, leaving her even better-suited to fine-tune a green lifestyle and look great doing it.

6. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

One of the rare celebrities with the enviro-cred to crack our list of 25, Angelina gets the nod because of her dedication to the developing world. Most recently she funded-by herself, because she's a movie star-a Cambodian wildlife sanctuary at a cost of over 5 million dollars.

7. Katie Fehrenbacher

Katie Ferenbacher

Katie and Jill are the only two siblings on this list, and they've earned it: in addition to Jill's skill as a designer, Katie edits Earth2Tech and writes for GigaOM; she's also gotten her freelance work published in Red Herring, Endgadget, and ReadyMade Magazine.
8. Jill Fehrenbacher

Jill Ferenbacher

A freelance designer and green design consultant in New York, Jill is also the founder of Inhabitat, a blog dedicated to green design in all facets of life.
9. Starre Vartan

Starre Vartan

Starre Vartan is a Huffington Post blogger, and founder of Eco Chick, which has been supplying our list with scads of talented, classy, environmentally savvy women. She's also worked with Discovery Channel, E and The Daily Green, and Huffington Post Green among many, many others.

10. Heather Stephenson

Heather Stephenson

Heather is the co-founder of Ideal Bite, an organization committed to teling you how to green your life via baby steps, and prior to that was involved in building rooftop gardens in New York City.

11. Darryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah

Daryl runs her own blog on sustainable solutions, and has won multiple awards for agitating for higher water quality and cleaner fuels. In 2006, she, Julia Butterfly Hill, and Joan Baez were arrested along with several other demonstrators who were attempting to stop the bulldozing of the nation's largest urban farm in South Central Los Angeles, and actually spent some time in jail.

12. Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Kylie has been agitating for environmental in a variety of ways since her career took off in the 1980s, advocating for penguins in Australia, playing at LIve Earth II, creating a completely energy-independent home with renewable resources, and speaking out in public.

13. Lauren Bush

Lauren Bush

Unlike her more famous uncle, this designer has taken to the environment in a big way; she's a vegetarian, and her design and modeling careers have allowed her to launch Project FEED, which has generated millions of dollars for the UN's World Food Program.

14. Paris Hilton

As Green As She\'ll Ever Get

SYKE! Paris is about as green as mountaintop removal mining, but she does a good job of buying hybrids because they look cool. Everybody else move up one spot.

15. Emily Pilloton

Emily Pilloton

Emily is the managing director of Inhabitat and the founder of Project H Design, a firm specializing in "initiatives for Humanity, Habitats, Health, and Happiness."

16. Kimberly Jordan Allen

Kim is a freelancer, and avid outdoorswoman; find her at Eco Chick, or in E-The Environmental Magazine.

17. Victoria Everman

Victoria, a model, writer, and activist, is available more places than we can count:, All Green Magazine, Building Green TV and Greenopia. and the GreenMUA project, connecting green makeup cosmetic companies to makeup artists

18. Melissa Etheridge

Her website has green tips, sure, and the concert fleet is powered by biodeisel, but have you seen this call to action? This is how celebrities should act.
19. Summer Bowen

Summer Bowen is another Treehugger contributor-they're spread across this list like Kudzu in the deep south-and the founder of BTC Elements, an online retailer for sustainable products that are free of sweatshop labor. Summer will soon begin writing for Huffington Post Green.

20. Simran Sethi

In addition to holding an endowed chair at the University of Kansas, where she teaches about the intersection of journalism and the environment, Simran was a co-creator, hosted, and oversaw all video and audio content on Treehugger, which quickly became the largest environmental website in the world. Simran will also soon be starting up as a writer for Huffington Post Green.

21. Alicia Silverstone

From Wikipedia user Jerry Avenaim

2004's Sexiest Female Vegetarian, appeared in a series of ads for PETA, set up a pet sanctuary in Los Angeles, and, yes, drives a hybird.

22. Laurie David


Laurie is a trustee on the National Resources Defense Council, but more importantly, produced "An Inconvenient Truth.

23. Dr. Heidi Cullen

Dr. Cullen is the Weather Channel's chief climatologist, and has, among other things, penned a letter to the American Meteorological Society called "Junk Controversy, Not Junk Science" calling on them to no longer recognize any meteorologist that didn't understand the threat of climate change. This of course, sent conservatives into an uncontrolled rage, and won her the affections of the environmental community for all eternity

24. Siel Siel

The Green LA Girl is also daring to lead a car-less existence in Los Angeles, making her one of the bravest commuters in recorded history.

25. Leona Johansson

Image from

Leona is the planet's most eco-friendly pron star; if you're not at work, click F*ck for Forest," (link very, very NSFW, if you didn't catch that) to see what we're talking about.

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