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Lenny Dykstra Makes His Own Stock Picks, Says Pro Who Helps Him

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Richard Suttmeier, a Wall Street vet accused by Forbes of doing baseball vet-turned-stockpicker Lenny Dykstra's work for him, offers up a lengthy response, which we're reprinting below. The short version: Sure, I help him screen stocks -- but he makes the picks himself.

We're not taking sides here, but the nice thing about Suttmeier's response is that it conforms exactly to Forbes' story, which wondered why so many Lenny's picks (in his newsletter, not his column for (TSCM)) also appeared in Suttmeier's own newsletter. And it also wondered why Lenny allegedly asked a magazine publisher to help him pay Suttmeier a consulting fee. The only difference: Suttmeier says his assistance is above board and not unusual in any way, and Forbes suggests that it's untoward in some way. You make the call.

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