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NHL Draft 2008: Info, Top Picks And A Poll

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The NHL Entry Draft will take place this weekend in Ottawa where the sixteen NHL teams will alternate selecting new players. The selection order is determined by league standing, playoff results and a lottery. The first draft pick will go to the Tampa Bay Lightening and the present Stanley Cup winner, the Detroit Red Wings will pick last. The draft consists of seven rounds. Each round has a predetermined selection order but draft picks are frequently traded.

To be eligible for the draft a North American player must be at least 18 years old and European players must be at least 20 years old. According to, Canadian player, Steven Stamkos and Russian player, Nikita Filatov are the top two draft picks. The top two goalie draft picks are Thomas McCollum and Jacob Markstrom.

Quick Poll

Who will be the top NHL draft pick?

Steven Stamkos

Nikita Filatov

Thomas McCollum

Jacob Markstrom


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