06/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Washington Times Columnist Refers To AIDS Virus As 'Gift Of The Gays'

Newly minted Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon might be hard at work changing the longstanding editorial policies that have historically made the Times the sort of rag that pigeons are ashamed to take a crap upon, but there appears to be no means of containing the inept natterings of former editor and complete kook Wesley Pruden. In a June 17 column, Pruden begins his generic dose of global warming denialism with the following hysterical lede:

We were all supposed to be dead now, done in by AIDS, the gift of the gays. After that it was SARS, bequeathed to the world by China. Then it was avian flu, which, to be fair to the alarmists, did in fact result in the deaths of millions.

The millions were all chickens, true, but chickens have feelings, too.

As MediaMatters documents, Pruden has a long history of denying the existence of an AIDS epidemic and a strange insistence that "AIDS for heterosexuals is a myth." Naturally, the facts refuse to comport with Pruden's alternate reality. In 2007, AIDS did, in fact result in the deaths of millions - 2.1 million, in fact, including approximately 330,000 children. And, in these United States, incidences of AIDS in the heterosexual community "accounted for just under one third (32%) of newly diagnosed HIV infections and AIDS cases."

Of course, it's likely that most decent people who read Pruden's column are just as offended by the way the columnist demonstrates more sympathy for chickens than he does with human beings afflicted with AIDS, until you realize that Pruden has more in common genetically with the former species.