MSNBC Sinks To New Low With Ten Minute-Long "Man Stuck In Tree" Coverage

06/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This afternoon MSNBC exhausted ten minutes of "Breaking News" coverage on a man stuck in a tree. Here's what anchor Contessa Brewer knew about the situation: a tree cutter got stuck in a tree, the tree cutter suffered injuries to his arm and leg, firefighters were called to the scene to rescue him. How did MSNBC fit all this vital information into only ten minutes?

A few things Huffington Post Political Reporter Jason Linkins learned from watching all ten minutes of MSNBC's "Man Stuck in Tree" coverage:

"Tree cutting" is what "tree cutters" do for a living.

The "standard operating procedure" for tree cutters is to climb trees and cut them.

When one arm and one leg are hurt, that leaves only one arm and one leg that aren't hurt.

Firefighters "get practice with the cats in the trees."

It is "a little easier...generally" to rescue a cat.

This is "not something that homeowners attempt to do on their own."