07/02/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Does Your Personality Say About Your Health?

The Daily Mail has an interesting article today on new research that suggests that our personalities may have more to do with our health than we think. The Daily Mail reports:

It's long been reported that people with socalled Type A personalities - hostile, highly competitive and impatient - are more prone to heart problems.

But now researchers are increasingly finding that a wider range of personalities and traits are linked to a host of medical problems, from stomach ulcers and viral infections to Parkinson's disease.

So, what could your personality mean for you? Well, here are a few to start you off.

If you're impulsive, your major health concern is stomach ulcers.

Researchers at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health studied more than 4,000 people and found that those who had an impulsive personality were 2.4 times more at risk.

It's thought that impulsive people tend to respond to stress with higher than normal rates of acid production, triggering peptic ulcers.

Research at the University of Wales has also shown that impulsiveness is associated with poorer control over eating.

If you're cheerful, you may be looking at a shortened lifespan.

'Children who were rated by their parents and teachers as more cheerful, and as having a sense of humour, died earlier in adulthood than those who were less cheerful,' say University of California researchers. 'Contrary to expectation, cheerfulness and sense of humour were inversely related to longevity.'

One theory is that cheerful people underestimate life's dangers and may also be more likely to have difficulty coping when things don't go as anticipated.

Are you aggressive? Well, then you've got a myriad of things to worry about, such as artherosclerosis, chronic inflammation, and depression.

To read more about these conditions, as well as what may ail those who are anxious, shy, optimistic, tight-lipped, conscientious, neurotic, extroverted, or pessimistic, read the rest of the story.