Campaign Manager: McCain "Loves To Tool Around On The Internet"

07/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This morning, Obama communications director Robert Gibbs took a shot at John McCain for not knowing what an "Internet" was or how to set up the tube in his own home or office, leaving it up to McCain campaign manager Rick Davis to defend the candidate's computer literacy. Davis insisted that McCain is a big fan of "tooling around" on the web, and is well-known for grabbing the Blackberries of reporters so that he can watch all the pretty flashing lights. Why reporters willingly give up their Blackberries to McCain is a complete mystery, my guess it is a result of McCain "feigning an interest in their lives."


BRZEZINSKI: Did you hear Robert Gibbs? I think he might have just subtly tried to undermine your candidate's lack of internet capabilities. Did you hear that, Rick?

DAVIS: I have no idea what he's talking about. We are cool and groovy...I tell you, we are down with it also. So, I can't imagine what he is talking about.

BRZEZINSKI: Does John McCain, does he use the internet? Does he use email?

GEIST: Come on.

BRZEZINSKI: I just want to know.

DAVIS: He actually is, he always is grabbing people's Blackberrys on the bus. In fact, no reporter's Blackberry is safe from his prying eyes. He loves to tool around on the internet, he especially loves the videos that get produced that usually poke fun at him. I think that's his most entertaining part of the internet.

BRZEZINSKI: I've been known to call his Blackberry, begging for interviews. So I think any reports out there that says that he is not completely Internet connected are not accurate. But I have read them.

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