07/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top VP Pick: McCain Has To Work On Evangelical Outreach

Minnesota Governor and Vice-Presidential shortlist candidate Tim Pawlenty entered The Brody File earlier this morning. We'll be moving video excerpts throughout the afternoon. In the clip above, Pawlenty talks about how McCain still has some work to do with his Evangelical Christian outreach.

Governor Tim Pawlenty : "John McCain is a person of faith and he is a committed Christian and he is somebody that I think is probably less comfortable being overt about that than perhaps some others might be but his value system and his belief in Christ I think is something that is part of who he is as a person and I think he is somebody who would be well received by Christian leaders and Evangelical leaders and I just want to encourage the McCain campaign to make that effort and to reach out and they are but I think there are a lot of Christian leaders, evangelical leaders who haven't yet been contacted or who haven't been part of meetings who are feeling perhaps, are they going to reach out to me and at a minimum we want to make sure that he is speaking on issues of concern to them and I think you'll see perhaps more of that in the summer and fall."

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