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French President Nicolas Sarkozy Yells At Staff Before TV Appearance (VIDEO)

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy has become an internet sensation in France after this video of him snapping angrily at his staff while preparing for a television appearance went viral (from The Guardian):

Within 24 hours, almost 400,000 people had tuned in to watch the film of the French President as he snapped at staff at public TV channel France 3 before explaining how he intended to save the EU from implosion during his six-month presidency.

Clearly ruffled after just driving past staff protesting his plan to personally nominate public television's head, Mr Sarkozy hit out at a technician who failed to reply when he said "hello" when placing his microphone.

"It's a matter of upbringing," he told the man. "When you're a guest you have the right to expect a hello... Or we're not in the public service here, we are at a demonstration ... incredible... and serious..."

...Full of nervous ticks, the impatient president tapped his fingers and played with his Patek Philippe watch - a present from his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy - asking whether the studio clock is working.

The unedited pictures of Mr Sarkozy were clearly released by irate France 3 staff, although unions denied this.