07/14/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Joe Lieberman, No Model of Consistency, Wonders 'Which Obama Will Govern'

Joe Lieberman made an appearance on Sunday's This Week With George Stephanopoulos, to take up the mind-bending task of falsely asserting that Senator Barack Obama had moved to John McCain's position on Iraq, and then criticizing the position for which he is simultaneously advocating.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Why should people vote for John McCain?

LIEBERMAN: Why should people vote for Barack Obama? The significant fact is this - McCain has been principled and consistent. He put his campaign on the line to take an unpopular position about what should happen in Iraq, because he thought it was that important to our country. Senator Obama has been shifting. And I want a president who is going to be true to what he believes is best for our country. That's what I think John McCain has shown with regard to Iraq, and throughout his entire career.

"Which Barack Obama will govern if he's elected?" Lieberman wondered aloud. An oddly fitting query, coming from Lieberman, because if there's anyone in all the world who knows about presenting one set of principles to the public, and then turning his back on them later, it's Lieberman, who's own constituents know what it's like to be saddled with a public servant who isn't "true to what he believes is best for [the] country."

"We all want to end the war in Iraq...I want to bring our troops home...All of us want to Iraq war to end...none of us wants the Iraq war to end more than I do." Sound familiar? Here's where you've heard those words before:

Yep. In 2006, when Joe Lieberman didn't know what else to say to cling to his Senate seat, those were his words. But which Lieberman showed up to work afterwards? Which Lieberman governed, once re-elected? As it turns out, it was a very inconsistent and unprincipled version of Joe Lieberman.

Looking back, of course, one worries that might have been the only Joe Lieberman there ever was.