07/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna Answers Time Readers' 10 Questions

Conservatives complain that the media have a bias to the left. Do you believe that this is true? Mike Kovanda, DAVIS, ILL.

The problem with the media is not that they're veering to the left or to the right but that they have an addiction to presenting two sides to every issue, even when the truth lies on one side or the other. I'd much rather we make our preferences and points of view transparent than pretend we don't have them.

How do you think blogs have changed the field of reporting? Rob Opaleski, CHICAGO

First of all, it's made clear this is a 24/7 operation. Professional journalists have had the opportunity to write about what is happening in real time, which wasn't happening much before.

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