07/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Adviser Fiorina: McCain Could Raise Taxes On Wealthy

At the end of an article on John McCain's flimsy economic know-how, Bloomberg includes an interesting admission from adviser Carly FIorina:

"In an interview, Carly Fiorina, a top adviser, explains that any tax increases on 'middle- and working-class' Americans are off limits. She says if a bipartisan coalition is 'creative enough' to fashion tax increases on wealthier Americans, that may prove palatable.

That's encouraging, until you consider that McCain doesn't always listen to his economic advisers. A few months ago, his top advisers counseled him that any reduction in the gasoline tax was bad energy and economic policy. A short while later, he advocated suspending the 18-cent-a-gallon tax for the summer."

Fiorina has also undercut her own statements on behalf of the candidate, saying that "most Americans are not really focused on what a bunch of surrogates are saying."