08/14/2008 02:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Alex Rodriguez Speaks: "Everyone Has Distractions"

"The Insider's" Pat O' Brien went one-on-one with the headline-making Yankee, Alex Rodriguez at his All-Star Game party at club 40/40 in New York.

With the recent media frenzy surrounding the All-Star's personal trials, O'Brien asked the All-Star about how his fans stuck with him. Rodriguez responded, "New York's been great, times are a bit difficult, they are challenging times, but I'll get through them, the support of the New York fans have been incredible."

As Madonna's music played in the background Rodriguez also told Pat that he has not read any press related materials about him, saying "None of it. Zero, Zero. Thank you."

Meanwhile, at an All-Star media event in New York, A-Rod graciously answered the questions of hungry journalists saying, "You have to take the good with the bad and not take yourself too seriously," reports the New York Post.

Rodriguez added, "Look everyone has distractions. ... Everyone goes through personal issues. Mine are on the front page of the papers. I'm fine with it. You have to deal with that, challenging times."

"I've learned to put whatever issues are on the front the page in one small box over here, (gesturing an imaginary container). ... And baseball has been a great vehicle for me to keep my mind on what I love to do most, to play baseball."