Did Fox News Cancel A Guest Because Of His Liberal Facebook Profile?

07/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Here's a quick tip to all of you journalists out there who ever aspire to make an appearance on a Fox News show: don't reference your left-leaning political ideology in your Facebook profile.

Just ask Ivygate editor Jacob Savage. Yesterday, he and co-editor Maureen O'Connor published an op-ed in the Los Angeles Time about how kids of the "Facebook Generation" who plan on running for office one day may run into difficulty because all the stupid stuff they did in college will be archived on the Internet for all eternity, thus providing their future political opponents with an endless stream of ammunition....

Later in the day, the duo were contacted by Virginia Grace, a producer at Fox News who wanted to book them on Heather Nauert's America's Election Headquarters to discuss the topic for a segment airing today at 5 p.m. Both O'Connor and Savage responded by phone that they were interested, and were told the show was excited to have them. Savage was also sent a follow-up e-mail by Grace: "Sounds great! I think I found you on Facebook. I will friend you."

Except that Savage's Facebook profile maybe doesn't look so great to a Fox producer.

Savage lists himself as "very liberal" on the site, and openly endorses Barack Obama. (About Me: "YES WE CAN!"). Grace also friended O'Connor, though her profile is restricted and has no overt political references. (For the record, we checked Grace's profile, and she's listed as a "Christian" and a "Libertarian.") Today, four hours before air time, Savage received a call from Grace's assistant, who told him that while O'Connor had been booked, his services were no longer needed.

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