America's Fattest (And Slimmest!) Cities

07/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

In light of America's rising obesity rate, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took stock of over 350,000 to determine the fattest and slimmest states in the country.

According to ABC News, the states with the biggest waistlines are Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, with obesity rates for 30% or higher. They are followed by Louisiana (29.8%), West Virginia (29.5%), and then Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma, all with rates hovering above 28%.

The slimmest? Colorado - a mere 3.7% away from the nation's goal rate of 15% obesity. After Colorado, the next lowest rates are in the 21% range, which includes Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Utah, Montana, and Washington, D.C.

Still, those states where people stay trimmer than most include Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Utah, Montana and Washington, D.C. In those places, obesity rates ranged between 21.2 and 21.8 percent, respectively.

Read the whole story at abcnews.comc.

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