Jesse Jackson On The N-Word Before Getting Caught: "Not Aware" If I Used It, "Unacceptable" If I Did

07/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
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In an interview with "Inside Edition" filmed between the first airing of his infamous "cut his nuts off" hot mic tape and the revelation that he did, in fact, use the n-word on the tape, Jesse Jackson said he was "not aware" if he had used the n-word but that, if he had, it was "trash talk" and it was "unacceptable."

The video and transcript, both below, come from an interview Jesse Jackson gave to Diane McInerney of "Inside Edition" on July 10. It aired Friday on Fox's New York affiliate.

Watch (transcript below):

Transcript (via):

Inside Edition: "There's a report that you used the N-word to refer to Obama, is that true?"

Jackson: "Not to my knowledge - unfortunate that is common usage in private, but I'm not aware of that."

Inside Edition: "You're not aware if you used the N-word to refer to him during that private conversation?"

Jackson: "No."

Jackson also told INSIDE EDITION that any use of the N-word is unacceptable.

Inside Edition: "If you did use it or can recall using it, do you know if it was in a hateful way or simply trash talking, as you've described before?"

Jackson: "Simply that - and again since I have discouraged the use of that language both privately and publicly, that's unacceptable as well."