Obama Apparently Not Allowed To Employ Foreign Languages

08/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Over at The Next Right, Patrick Ruffini is really, really worked up over Barack Obama's speech in Berlin, and wants to put the Senator in...uhm - Deutch? - for daring to print posters in German, the language that Germans speak in Germany. Better that Berliners wither in confusion over the speech, I suppose!

Anyway, Ruffini calls the posters "extraordinary" and a "lapse in judgment" and "breathtakingly arrogant." But Ruffini is losing his bearings! As it turns out, John McCain has a bilingual website of his own! And bilingual advertising! And he's even done a bilingual version of those adorable townhalls he loves so much! And I find none of those things to be "extraordinary" or "breathtakingly arrogant" or a "lapse in judgment." So perhaps Ruffini would like to explain himself on this matter. My moron-to-English dictionary is standing by.

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