National Enquirer's John Edwards Love Child Piece Reportedly Prompts Criminal Complaint

08/02/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The National Enquirer reports that it has brought a criminal complaint against the Beverly Hilton hotel in response to the actions of the hotel's security staff while representatives from the magazine were trailing former presidential candidate and Senator John Edwards.

As Butterfield and Hitchen tried to question Edwards, he ran down a hallway and ducked into a men's public bathroom. The reporters attempted to follow him in and Edwards pushed the door shut from inside.

Hotel security showed up and intervened. The reporters charge that not only did one security guard threaten to break their camera but that security also violated several statutes of the California Penal Code, including false imprisonment and preventing a guest from entering land.

The magazine has alleged that Edwards was at the hotel visiting mistress Rielle Hunter and a love child that came of his affair with the woman.

The Huffington Post was the first to report on Edwards' relationship with Rielle Hunter in September 2007.