Wendy Williams: Meet The Woman Who Fought Whitney And Omarosa — And Came Out On Top

08/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WENDY Williams describes herself as a simple woman from New Jersey. But in addition to her quite normal fascination with big hair and gay celebrities and QVC, she happens to have a new talk show, which presents an interesting prospect for someone whose mouth has gotten her into trouble.

"You can say Wendy Williams said anything about anyone, and people more often than not would believe it," she said on the phone last week, explaining why she's gotten into a few scrapes with Whitney Houston and other guests on her highly rated syndicated radio program based in New York. "I'm a chatty woman."

Ya think? "The Wendy Williams Show" -- which airs in L.A. on KTTV Channel 11 and (in rebroadcast) on KCOP Channel 13 -- had barely premiered earlier this month when the host sailed smack into a tempest named Omarosa, the onetime contestant on NBC's "The Apprentice" and author of a forthcoming self-help book titled "The Bitch Switch."

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