08/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Clinton Turns To Dinner Date To Retire Debt

Hillary Clinton left the primary race roughly $20 million in the hole. She's been looking to Barack Obama, t-shirt sales, and office furniture sales (among other measures) to retire her debt. Today, she announced a new scheme: a dinner contest. Supporters who donate at least $5 have the chance to dine with the Senator. Here is Clinton's email, blasted out Tuesday morning:

Summer is a time for simple pleasures: family vacations, baseball games, and dinner out under the stars. At least it is if you aren't running for president!

It sure is nice having a little more time on my hands, and I'd love to spend some of it with you. Would you like to join me for dinner?

During the campaign, I had the chance a few times to grab meals with supporters, but they were always rushed thanks to the frenetic pace of the campaign. This is my first chance to sit down and spend some real one-on-one time with you. If you enter today, we could be having dinner together soon!

Join me for dinner. Make a $5 contribution today.

My staff has been calling this my "retirement dinner" -- not because I'm retiring, of course, but because we're working on retiring the debt we owe to small vendors all over the country. Everyone who acts today will have the chance to join me -- along with a guest -- for a dinner to talk about whatever you'd like.

Let's go to dinner! Every little bit helps, and even $5 can make a real difference. Contribute $5 now, and you and I could be enjoying a summer dinner together soon!