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NBC: "We're Ready" For Olympics, Whatever Happens

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NEW YORK -- NBC's top man at the Beijing Olympics is excited about athletes breaking records, but he's prepared for any breaking news.

"We're ready to move from sports and Olympics to news the moment something really serious happens here," Dick Ebersol told The Reporter on Thursday. "I always personally hope that it's basically an Olympics about sports. But if it isn't going to be sports, we'll be ready for news."

Speaking from the network's site at the Beijing International Convention Center, the NBC Sports & Olympics chairman talked about preparations and NBC's ongoing back-and-forth with the organizing committee.

"The reason why I have not talked about these things until now is because I'm the person who had to continually deal with (Chinese officials) at the highest levels about being open about stuff," Ebersol said. "I always felt I'd be much more effective as a dealer or a negotiator for things like that if I was doing it quietly."

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