10 Tips To Survive Your 20's

08/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Here's some advice to help keep balanced and gain insight during your twenties.

Your 20's are a time to enjoy your youth and independence, but they can also be a time of confusion and frustration as you learn to navigate the real world and discover yourself. There is a conflict of expectations for a twenty-something; you are supposed to be carefree, yet be serious about your career trajectory and building the foundation for a bright future. The options and decisions can often be overwhelming, but by gaining as much knowledge as you can and listening to yourself you can attain success both personally and professionally. Here are 10 tips to survive the transition.

1. Up Your Financial IQ

If you are like most college graduates, then after graduation you are saddled with thousands of dollars in student loans. These first few years after college are crucial to establishing your financial behavior. Read books, blogs, and articles about investing, saving, and debt management. Get on a budget immediately and learn to live by it. The real world is expensive.

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