08/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Can Geek Go Chic? Wired Tries To Go Glam

NEW YORK ( -- You could always forgive the publishers of Wired magazine for not landing the Gucci account, that Sean John schedule or those Prada pages.

Wired is not like most Condé Nast glossies, after all, which usually come plump with fashion ads for fashionable people. Where GQ covers urge dressing to kill, promising "The One New Suit Every Man Needs," Wired covers say things like "Hackers Rule!" That lands ads for rechargeable batteries before Burberry every time.

But a few months ago Condé Nast replaced a departing Wired publisher with Chris Mitchell, a former Wired sales guy who had been publisher of Details since 2004. Now Mr. Mitchell wants to sell fashion and luxury marketers on a magazine that recently published a supplement called "Geekipedia."

The editors don't have to do anything differently, but the sales team needs to rearticulate the Wired mission, Mr. Mitchell said. "On my first week, I was saying to people, 'Less belt holster, more iPhone,'" he said. "That to me is, for better or worse, how I see the brand evolution."

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