Reduce Energy Use At Home: How To Easily Cut Back

08/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
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There sure is a lot of energy being spent on the energy debate lately. Sometimes it's best to hone in on what you can do, personally, at home, before getting riled up over what's being debated on a national scale.

Flip off your light switches, unplug your appliances, put your computers to sleep and you will drastically reduce your home's energy consumption. Currently, Americans use more than 26% of the world's energy supply.

Ecologue suggests 5 energy saving solutions to combat the overuse of plugged in electronics:

Americans, on average, currently own 20 gadgets that utilize standby features. These features accomplish everything from monitoring refrigerator temperatures to charging cell phones. [...] In most homes, standby power accounts for about 7 percent of a home's total energy consumption. In some homes, this energy consumption is as high as 20 percent.

Low Impact Living offers 10 creative ways to conserve energy at home, including:

Spend one night each week in candlelight.
It's romantic, fun and inspires new conversation. If you've got kids, how about turning off the TV one night and playing a board game by candlelight? Clue would be particularly spooky!

Plant trees!
Placing deciduous trees on the South side of your home is a great way to block summer heat, but keep the sun shining on your home in the winter when you need the warmth.

Conservation has been the topic of conversation in the last 48 hours or so even on the presidential campaign trail, as energy plans and rebuttals have flown back and forth over the airwaves.

While both campaigns struggle to find a way of producing energy without all the expenses of infrastructure, drilling and time (or, heck, with the expenses of infrastructure, drilling and time) -- not to mention the environmental costs, it turns out that good old fashioned conservation is not only the path of least resistance but also the path of greatest returns.

Once you've got your standby electronics properly managed, watch as a Republican strategist tries to dance around the issue of conservation versus increased drilling and oil use during an interview on MSNBC:

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