09/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain To Propose An "Economic Surge" For America

John McCain has famously admitted to a "lack of knowledge" about economics. So when he talks about the economy later today in Ohio, it appears he will deploy the language of a policy area he does feel confident on: the surge in Iraq.

According to remarks prepared for delivery and sent out to reporters Wednesday morning, McCain will call for an "economic Surge to keep jobs here at home and create new ones."

Is the campaign in danger of relying too much on the power of Surge branding? Or has America's economic landscape actually become a battlefield?

The full excerpts sent by McCain's campaign follow below:

"It's time to get America's economy moving again. Companies like Merillat and families across Ohio face challenges in their business and around the kitchen table. Our energy prices are too high. We are losing jobs. Our housing market is in decline. The cost of everything is going up, and in the face of this, Washington is on vacation.

"Now is the time for action. We need an "all of the above" plan to address our energy crisis with alternative energy, drilling and nuclear power. We need to crack down on those who have abused our credit market and caused this housing decline. And we need to take action to support American businesses so that we stop jobs from going overseas and create more jobs here at home.

"America has the second highest business tax rate in the entire world. It is any wonder that jobs are moving overseas when we are taxing them out of the country? Unfortunately Senator Obama's plans would raise taxes on businesses even more. He has promised tax increases on income, tax increases on investment, tax increases on small businesses. This is exactly the wrong strategy. Raising taxes in a bad economy is about the worst thing you could do because it will kill even more jobs when what we need are policies that create jobs.

"What we need today is an Economic Surge to keep jobs here at home and create new ones. We need to reduce the tax burden on businesses that choose to make their home in the U.S. We need to open new markets to U.S. products. We need to reduce the cost of healthcare. And we need to end the out of control spending in Washington that is putting our debt on the backs of our children.

"Now is the time for action, and when I am President, we are going to get it done."

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