09/08/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Junk Mail

100 billion pieces of junk mail are sent annually, which accounts for one-third of all United States mail. According to Treehugger, Americans spend over 8 months opening junk mail. It takes 100 million trees and countless greenhouse emissions to produce junk mail.

ProQuo featured clever ways to reuse junk mail in response to the constant postal ambush. While some made art, other recipients responded to the barrage by sending response packages filled with bricks or by adorning their mailboxes with "No Junk Mail" signs.

Citizen artists have found interesting uses for the wasted paper.

A self-proclaimed "rabid recycler," Arizona artist Sandy Schimmel uses unwanted materials, such as junk mail, to create impressionistic portraits. Her portraits focus on individual faces and explore themes such as beauty and fashion.

Why throw away junk mail when you can sit on it? Although this probably wasn't part of UK artist Chrissie MacDonald's thought process, she recently created a chair from all the shopping catalogues in her mailbox.

Huffington Post blogger Olivia Zaleski offers 3 easy tips to stop junk mail delivery.

Global warming aside, I'm getting sick of sorting through piles of useless coupons, credit card offers and sweepstakes. The catalogs are the worst--can someone please tell me why I receive catalogs for Male Big & Tall, Omni Cheer, and UPCO Bird? I am neither plus-size male, nor cheerleader, nor exercise equipment enthusiast.

Fed up, I've embarked on a quest to get these hawkers off my back. Join me by following these 3 steps. It'll take you less than seven minutes (I've timed my friends and family) and you'll feel good for saving the trees.

::Opt out of junk mail delivery to your home.
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