"Tropic Thunder" Stars On Fame, Comedy And Blackface

09/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This movie mercilessly ridicules the self-important aspects of acting. Ben, you were telling me earlier that there's nothing actors love more than to sit around telling stories about other actors behaving like jerks.
JACK BLACK: But not in an interview!
ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: Literally, I once heard an actor say, ''This whole process -- us trying to shoot this scene -- this is garbage. We need to put on animal masks and get primal with each other, and then we'll understand who really has the status in this scene. I've got the masks.''
DOWNEY: I remember looking at this dude and going, ''You brought animal masks? You honestly think your, like, improv summer-stock idea is going to break it open for me? We've got money on the line. I'm not going to put on rabbit ears and figure out who's king of the forest.''
BEN STILLER: I remember being in a car scene with a jaded actor who pulled out a flask: ''It's 4 o'clock. Time for a little nip.''
ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: [To Stiller] But you've never worked drunk or loaded?
STILLER: Um, no.
STILLER: I haven't! Just out of fear of screwing up.

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