09/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Edwards Fathered Hunter's Baby, Say Hunter's Sister And Friend

***UPDATE 8/13 11:30 AM***

The New York Daily News' gossip section today features a quote from someone who has seen Rielle Hunter's baby:

"She looks like John Edwards in a onesie."


Entertainment Tonight and The Insider will air interviews on Wednesday August 13 with the sisters of John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter (real name Lisa Druck). Roxanne and Melissa Druck took the opportunity to talk about various aspects of the scandal. According to a press release advertising the program:

Roxanne tells [Entertainment Tonight] that if she could speak to Elizabeth Edwards, "I'd giver her a big hug and say I'm sorry for what they both did. I feel a lot of empathy for Mrs. Edwards. I'd love to tell her how sorry I am for her children. I'm very ashamed my sister had an affair with such a public man."


Roxanne goes on to say, "I've seen the pictures of the baby she looks like John Edwards. She's got his eyes and jaw line and lips, but she does have Rielle's nose."


Last Friday, Sen. John Edwards acknowledged having had an affair with Hunter, but denied tabloid claims that he is the father of the baby girl Hunter delivered in February. "My niece is not a bastard, I just don't think it's right," Roxanne said.

This morning on CBS' The Early Show, Pigeon O'Brien, a friend of Rielle Hunter, said that John Edwards lied about the timeline of the affair and said she also believed that Edwards is the father of Hunter's child.

RODRIGUEZ: He says it started five months later when his campaign hired her.

O'BRIEN: Yeah, that's not true. That's not true. It started in the
winter of '06. They became involved at that point, not later in the summer when she was hired to work for the political action committee.

O'Brien also thinks Edwards is the father of Hunter's child. "I don't see any other explanation," O'Brien told Rodriguez. "She would not have a child with someone that she didn't love, and she loves him."

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