09/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Saturday Night Live" Cast's Summer Break Of Comedy

A minute into the third episode of "The Line," a comedy about the passion and perversion of fans waiting 11 days for the premiere of a science-fiction film, the actor Joe Lo Truglio declares, "I'm going line crazy."

His partner, the "Saturday Night Live" repertory player Bill Hader, promises to get water. Then the "SNL" writer and occasional actor John Lutz delivers candy bars for the theater and falls victim to the line, leading the theater manager (the "SNL" comedian Jason Sudeikis), to call the fanboys "animals."

This is how much of the "SNL" cast and crew spent their summer vacation. Inspired partly by three months of picket-line-walking during last fall and winter's writers' strike, Mr. Hader and the "SNL" writer Simon Rich created a buddy comedy about the long wait to see "Future Space," a vaguely described sci-fi drama. In May, when "SNL," the NBC late-night sketch comedy show, went on summer hiatus, the "SNL" actor and lead writer Seth Meyers signed on to direct.

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