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Chevy Volt Featured In Commercial Aired During Olympics (VIDEO)

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General Motors is already aggressively marketing its Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid via the Summer Olympics although the car is not expected in showrooms until 2010. The commercial celebrates the car as the leader of Chevy's "American Revolution" campaign as the hybrid can travel up to 40 miles between charges and gets the equivalents of 150 miles per gallon.

Watch the Chevy Volt Olympics commercial:

Of course, it doesn't happen to mention that between now and the 2010 launch date, a few things have to get worked out, like carrying the battery, transferring the battery's power mechanically to the wheels and cooling the battery. But 2010, that's like four years away, right?

Oh, it's two? Er -- fewer than two? One and change? Well, it could happen.

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