Howard Wolfson's New Gig: Indie Rock Blogger

09/20/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Former Hillary Clinton flack Howard Wolfson and I may have had structural disagreements over whether the voters in states like Virginia are "important" enough to be considered the equal of those in New York and California, but I clearly should have heeded repeated warnings that he and I would find abundant common ground on other issues. Now that Wolfson has launched his indie-rock blog, Gotham Acme, I can see that it is true.

I don't expect much "hipness" from the musical tastes of political- types -- though I should perhaps assume that a Reggie Love-recommended Hell Hath No Fury could not survive Obama's iPod vetting process. But Wolfson's stated indie-rock preferences run well beyond simply owning that last Snow Patrol record. Plus, he links to informationleafblower, which is a clear sign of discernment.

Wolfson calls Brooklyn's TV On The Radio "America's best band." I'm inclined to agree! And I similarly hope they find their way to Washington, DC. Like the aforementioned informationleafblower often does, Wolfson is keeping score about who shows up in DC to play and who skips our fair Capital City. There could be some stern conference calls in someone's future! I'd encourage Wolfson, though, to not discount our homegrown offerings, such as DC's excellent Jukebox The Ghost, who will play the Black Cat on October 4.

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