Vlogorrhea, With Jason And Ana: OMG! Teh Pollz!

09/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In the week before the Democratic National Convention, the polls started tightening, and the left just about lost their collective mind panicking. But it's August, people! We got two conventions! And a bunch of debates! And Osama bin Laden hasn't even dropped his October mixtape, replete with U.S.A. diss tracks, yet! Plus, surely there will be gaffes by the metric ton! Maybe people are panicking because they worry that if Obama loses the election, he doesn't have a whole bunch of schmancey homes to fall back on!

Anyway, Ana Marie and I are here to calm you people down, maybe. Once again, this vlog had its chi aligned by the magical Liz Glover. And if you notice, we took very seriously your sound and lighting concerns! Thanks goes to Nikolas Schiller for a super assist in equipment and know how. Some of the equipment Nikolas had on hand was once used by Fugazi's own Brendan Canty, which I think basically consecrated the whole enterprise. Washingtonians of a certain age would no doubt agree.

Anyway, enjoy! And keep sending us questions to Ana or myself. And give yourself a break from the panic, until after the conventions.