09/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Brian Williams And Luke Russert Bromance: Pair Talks Tim, Sweat, And Kids On NBC Payroll

Monday afternoon on MSNBC, a jacket-less Brian Williams sat down with NBC correspondent at-large Luke Russert for a jovial segment touching on what Luke's late father Tim would think of the convention, a comparison between Luke's and Brian's physiques, and a discussion of NBC Newsers' children on the payroll for the DNC.

"We're all playing the parlor game of WWTT — What would Tim think?" Brian told Luke. "What would he say? What would he do? What would he have thought of the choice [of Biden]? Who would he now think McCain has to choose? He lived for this and these next few days, in specific, are what he lived for."

"Absolutely," Luke agreed. "He greatly enjoyed conventions, he used to call them his Superbowl, as were election night coverages."

As for the Biden pick, the younger Russert speculated that his father would have said, "He shored up the experience gap, but will Joe Biden be gaffe-free from now until the election?"

As the interview went on, Brian and Luke bro'ed it up (literally, with Williams calling Russert "brother"), with Luke joking about Brian being "thinner" than he is (and thus less prone to sweat and more able to pull off the jacket-less look) and the fact that Williams' daughter Allison (who Luke referred to as "the Yalie") is also on the NBC payroll, interning during the convention in Denver.


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