09/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DNC Memorable Moments (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Political conventions never fail to make headlines --especially these days when headline grabbing seems to be their primary purpose-- but long after the confetti has settled, some moments have managed to make a place for themselves in history.

Here are a few memorable moments from past Democratic National Conventions:

1968, Chicago

Protesters confront the Illinois National Guard

Much has been written on the 1968 convention, and many argue that the protests and riots surrounding the convention led to Richard Nixon securing his first term in the White House. Not really one moment, but the chaos through the entire convention will be remembered.

Dan Rather is punched while covering the convention:

More footage of the violence:

1972, Miami

George McGovern, right, with his running mate for a short period, Tom Eagleton

Complicated politics resulted in McGovern's selection of Tom Eagleton as his running mate and because of all the wheeling and dealing involved, the candidate wasn't able to take the stage until 2:30 am, addressing a sleeping American public. To make matters worse, McGovern had to drop Eagleton after it was revealed that the vice presidential nominee had received electroshock therapy for his depression.

1988, Atlanta

A young Governor Clinton

Up-and-coming pol Bill Clinton gave the opening night address at the 1988 Democratic National Convention but his speech dragged on so long that throughout its 33 minutes the only line that received applause was his concluding "and finally." And yet like Barack Obama, he would return four years later to claim the party's nomination.

2000, Los Angeles

Al and Tipper Gore

After accepting the party's nomination, Al Gore held a kiss with his wife for a few seconds too long. Some speculated that the kiss was intended to soften Gore's "stiff" image.

2004, Boston

Obama gives the speech that launched him into the public eye

The convention was notable for making Barack Obama's career, but another moment from the convention made ripples afterward. Democratic Convention Producer Don Mischer's radio was played on CNN following John Kerry's acceptance speech.