Midday At The Oasis

11/08/2008 06:21 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The convention is officially underway — whee! — and if that means hours of hunching over your laptop, well, I have something in common with you. But! There is a place you can go to wash away all that stress through the magic of massage, yoga, and delicious green smoothie thingies that don't stay in your teeth: The HuffPost Oasis, right beside the Big Tent sponsored by Daily Kos and Google and all those other non-MSM outlets that are totally not mainstream, because what is mainstream about hosting a giant tent for journalists during the Democratic National Convention? But in any case — we stopped in yesterday for a look-see and ended up staying for a very long time, because why leave a place where they feed you and rub you — and has wireless? Exactly.

But also, there's a constant parade of characters thought that place — yesterday the convention wasn't even officially underway and already there was our boss-lady Arianna Huffington being videotaped by Alexandra Pelosi as she cajoled David Carr into yoga-riffic clothing for his special session, and there was Laurie David getting a (very green) facial and there was David Corn doing we're not quite sure what on the yoga mat, but he seemed to be enjoying it.

Check out HuffPo Living Editor Verena von Pfetten's fabulous liveblog of all the fun, plus Green and Living Editor Dave Burdick's videos from the site, and here are a few photos to whet your yogic appetite.

Alexandra Pelosi films Arianna while somewhere, her mother writes a speech for tonight.

Here's how busy it was: Alexandra Pelosi was filming Arianna with David Carr who was being filmed by Ben from the New York Times. And me and Verena were filming them (this is V's shot).

David Carr raises awareness and inspires change.

Mini portobello sliders are enjoyed by all.

If you come to the Oasis, we won't make you do this.

...but if you want, maybe if you ask nicely you can do this.

Keli Goff relaxes with her blackberry, sustainably.

Enjoy delicious yogurt-themed treats! There are also really yummy power-bar things, which Ana Marie Cox enjoyed this morning after her late-night arrival.

If you come to the Oasis, this is something you will see often: someone offering you food. I had multiple bits of tomato-pine-nut delight (pictured), mango-carrot-spring roll, I-can't-believe-it's-not-chicken satay, portobello-pickle-mini-sliders, dark chocolate health-truffles, chocolate-health-smoothie, surprisingly-tasty-considering-it-was-green yummy-health-smoothie, POM juices, and I am pretty sure there was more. Oh! Fingerling potatoes. I had two.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Oasis is going to be fairly popular during the convention. This may help.

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