11/08/2008 06:22 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Your Morning Vlog (Except That We Hate The Word 'Vlog')

Well, it's afternoon in all the time zones that matter now, but we would still like to bring you this: A morning video blog courtesy of the pundits I'm sleeping with, aka Glynnis MacNicol and Ana Marie Cox, my roommates here in lovely Downtown Denver (we'll be sleeping with Obama Girl starting tonight, btw). Because this is the Democratic National Convention to officially confirm Barack Obama as the party's presidential nominee, it's only natural that we should spend most of the time talking about the Clintons, specifically Bill Clinton and what he might say on Wednesday night and what he could possibly be thinking. Also discussed: Invesco Field's impending pyrotechnics (Is Barack Obama the CGI candidate? Discuss), giant $100 million camera-blimps flying overhead, and what kind of food you can get at the HuffPo Oasis.

Soundtrack: Siouxsie and the Banshees. And yes, I showered.

We'll be posting our Morning Vlog Except That We Hate The Word 'Vlog' daily during the DNC, with varying degrees of coherence based on whether we've had our coffee/diet coke.