Live From The Convention Floor!

11/08/2008 06:24 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today I paid my first visit to the convention floor and it was awesome! If that sounds too enthusiastic and excited well, too bad — it was exciting and a little moving to be there, especially after living and breathing this race for the past God knows how long. I did a spot for CBC (Canadian TV = hi to Mom and Dad) and then wandered for a bit, taking pics and surreptitiously filming Katie Couric doing an interview and then a stand-up for what I'm guessing was the website. Rick Kaplan stood near by, like a giant sentry, and Chip Reid was there too, looking very chiseled. I also saw the willowy Kate Snow of ABC, whose recent interview with Bill Clinton made so many ways and really framed how his speech tonight will be perceived (and, I'm sure, how he writes it). All in all, a great morning! Really just a treat to be here. I know, I'm corny today.

The DNC Floor!

Cavuto does a stand-up (right next to where I was, actually).

Katie's stand-up.

Katie Couric checks her berry while rocking adorable - yet comfortable! - orange ballet flats. Obviously she is still feeling limber from yesterday's visit to the Oasis.

Ran into the delightful Hilary Rosen (one 'L') and captured her looking soigné on the floor.

Where to go if you're the press and you're lost.

And, my little impromptu stand-up:

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