09/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Makes Another Surprise Appearance

Denver shows that Barack Obama is master of the pop-in.

He just made a surprise waltz through an Illinois delegation gathering in Denver, on the afternoon of his big nomination speech. One onlooker told me the delegates went spastic, as we chatted near Obama's mammoth motorcade in downtown Denver. Obama also broke convention decorum to hit the stage with Joe Biden on Wednesday, of course, and made the first telecast pop-in on Monday night after Michelle's patriotic address.

While nominees usually stay away from the convention all week, avoiding delegate run-ins like a bride hiding out before a wedding, Obama has actually taken center stage on three of the four nights. He was absent only on Day Two, for Her Speech. The campaign simply circulated still photos of Obama quietly watching Clinton's speech that night. The idea, one campaign aide told me, was to signal his respect and interest in her speech, but without treading to heavily through a live reaction.

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