10/02/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin Versus Vladimir Putin

You know, I've listened to various McCain surrogates suggest that Sarah Palin's familiarity with Alaskan geography makes her uniquely predisposed to deal with Vladimir Putin and his supposed designs on a new Russian Empire. At first blush, one wonders, "Is McCain losing his Bering Straits?" But giving the matter some more consideration, the central issue is to somehow divine how Palin would approach Putin, based upon her record of executive experience. Hey! Maybe she'll use her aerial wolf hunting skills, and chase Putin all around Siberia until he tires, and then shoot him.

Sadly, from what I've read, Palin's approach may seem all too familiar:

Palin said in letters she wanted a change because she believed the two did not fully support her administration.... Palin refused Friday to detail her complaint ... saying only that "You know in your heart when someone is supportive of you."

--"Wasilla librarian keeps job," Sitka Daily Sentinel 2/3/97*

Great. More diplomacy through soul-divination. My friends, that wasn't change I believed in when George W. Bush changed it in the first place.