GOP Co-Chairwomen Jo Ann Davidson Makes A Freudian Slip

10/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A few minutes ago, my inbox began to swell with scuttlebutt from the convention floor, which The Politico's Jonathan Martin was quick to confirm:

Touting John McCain's much-buzzed-about new running mate, RNC Co-Chairwoman Jo Ann Davidson got caught up in the moment on the convention stage.

"The next vice president of the United States, Sarah Pawlenty!"


Awkward slip of the tongue, given that the RNC is in Pawlenty's home state and that there have been a fair amount of rumors that TPaw's people were left feeling hung out to dry with the Palin pick? Maybe. But what could be in play here is the possibility of a genetically engineered FrankenVeep, combining Palin's conservative appeal with Pawlenty's lack of crazy stuff that should have come out in a sane vetting process.

A scary possibility. Nevertheless, the designs I've seen for the Palieberman are much more terrifying.

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