10/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain's Lime Green Background Returns

One of the more memorable moments of the general election was when, after Barack Obama secured the Democratic nomination, John McCain gave a competing speech against a lime green backdrop. That set looked like some something like pea green and was an exclamation point to one of the Senator's worst (and most ridiculed) speeches on the campaign trail.

Well, during his acceptance speech during tonight's convention, it's back. McCain is pictured once again speaking in front of a large lime-green backdrop. I'm told that the bigger image is supposed to be grass (I'm watching from the convention itself, and they place the press practically behind the stage). But the effect for viewers not in Minneapolis is the same.

From June:

UPDATE: It was, I've been told a picture of a lawn in front of a random house. The screen changed about ten minutes in to a sky-blue backdrop which may not be all that more effective.

LATE UPDATE: Reader LA identifies the mystery property.

"It's not a house.... it's a Middle School in North Hollywood, California. A little irony... it's Walter Reed Middle School. My son goes there.... in a decidedly Democratic neighborhood, I might add. McCain's campaign used the very same photo that appears on one of the school's websites... http://walterreed.tech.googlepages.com/home (The "Tech Academy" is one portion of Walter Reed. The photo is of the entire school.) I'm friends with the person in charge of that website... I've sent an email to ask if he knows who owns the photo.

MORNING UPDATE: The RNC team may have meant to put Walter Reed Army Medical Center behind the candidate, and accidentally used Walter Reed Middle School instead.

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