10/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tucker Bounds: Campbell Brown The "Consummate Professional," "We Had A Good Time," "CNN Is Top Notch"

Just one day after the McCain campaign canceled John McCain's scheduled appearance on "Larry King Live" in retaliation for Campbell Brown's tough interview of a spokesman regarding Sarah Palin, that spokesman praised Brown and the network at the CNN Grill, the network's base in St. Paul.

Tucker Bounds told CNN that Brown is "the consummate professional" and said, "I thought it was a great interview, it just went a little long, but we had a good time and all these guys at CNN are my friends."

He continued, "I'm an enormous fan of Campbell, I have a great time every time I come on with you guys. John Roberts, and John King, everyone's great. CNN is top-notch."

Tuesday, the McCain campaign said Brown's interview of Bounds was "over the line" and canceled McCain's scheduled appearance on "Larry King Live" as a result.