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Obama's "Convention Bounce" Was Bigger Than McCain's

First Posted: 09- 5-08 03:52 PM   |   Updated: 10- 6-08 05:12 AM

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The Swamp:

The conventions, so far, have been a "net plus'' for Democrat Barack Obama, according to an analysis by the Gallup Poll.

The latest results of the Gallup daily track today - a compilation of surveys taken over three days, including the last day of the Republican National Convention - show Obama favored among 48 percent of those surveyed and McCain 44 percent.

That's narrower than the advantage that Obama held the day before (49-42) and closer than the 8-point spread for Obama that Gallup found after his convention in Denver - his so-called "convention bounce.'' The two were dead-even in the daily tracks heading into their conventions two weeks ago.

So, it would seem that McCain's own convention this week is starting to level the playing field with his own convention bounce.

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