Call Girl Or Courtesan? Between The Sheets With Debauchette

10/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ashley Alexandra DuPree. The "Hipster Hooker" "Secret Diaries of a Call Girl." Working girls sure ain't what they used to be--or, at least, what they seemed to be. That's where the blog Debauchette comes in. Part smart, sexy diary, part bedroom primer, Debauchette details the ins and outs of the life of a "professional girlfriend," who goes by the nome de plume "Jane." Reading more like the chapters of a lost Simone de Beauvoir tome than a sequel to Cathouse, Debauchette is the musings of a modern-day courtesan. Take her comments on the Edwards fumble: "A public figure's private life isn't our business, but we continue to insist that it is. Forget that our nation thrived under the presidency of a notorious sex fiend, or that it suffers under the presidency of someone who is ostensibly faithful." And her sage advice on sex, and selling it, is even sharper and more addictive. As passionate about historic erotic texts as she is about sex itself, Jane opened her virtual boudoir to us, sharing thoughts on on her writing, her chosen calling, and her must-read list of erotica.

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