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The Big Money: Slate Launches Business Site

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The editors of The Big Money, a new business Web site by the editors of Slate, had their work cut out for them Sunday: it was the day before their site opened, and Wall Street seemed to be in free fall.

But if it was not the most auspicious time to introduce a financial news site, the editors did not let on. "I think there's a real opportunity now to tap into people's interest and even anxiety about the economy," James Ledbetter, the editor of The Big Money, said in an interview last week.

He and his colleagues know that attracting an audience will take time, particularly amid a sharp economic downturn. They also know that, as John Alderman, the general manager of the Slate Group, put it, business news is "not an uncrowded space."

Just as Slate has established itself over time as a respected online magazine, so does its parent, The Washington Post Company, hope that The Big Money can do the same for financial information.

"Slate has obviously carved out a real niche," Mr. Alderman said. "We think the same opportunity is there in the business category."

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