10/20/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Gets Harsh: "Country First Or Obama First"

At last night's rally in Wisconsin, McCain said this: "And that's how we see this election, country first or Obama first and I have a feeling [chant of "Country First, Country First"]... So when it comes to cutting taxes for seniors, for working families, for small businesses my opponent didn't put the hardworking people of this country first. When it came time to support our troops fighting to protect our freedoms and way of life my opponent said he'd never deprive them of the funds they needed to fight and then did just that."

He later added, "A vote for me will guarantee that the forces that have brought down our economy will be out of business. I will end the corrupt practices on Wall Street and backroom deals in Washington DC. I will hold accountable those responsible for the oversight and protection of consumers, taxpayers and homeowners. A vote for Sen. Obama will leave this country at risk during one of the most severe challenges to America's economy since the Great Depression, and that's straight talk, my friends."

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