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Cook County Commissioner Bill Beavers On The Joys Of Smoking, Gambling And Drinking

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Cook County Commissioner Bill Beavers recently quit smoking, cold turkey, after decades of sucking down unfiltered cigarettes. He talked with the Sun-Times' Mark Konkol about his former favorite pastime and other vices.

I started smoking when I was about 22 years old. Unfiltered cigarettes. Pall Malls. Lucky Strikes. Philip Morris. Never a filter. With those filters you suck more air than smoke. Plus, I think the chemicals in the filters are worse than the non filters.


I enjoy a smoke after a meal, a smoke when you're gambling, a smoke when you're drinking. It was no fun if you couldn't smoke playing slot machines or having a drink. No fun if you couldn't have a smoke after a meal. All those goodies are better when you're smoking. I never once tried to quit.

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